Translation & Language Services

With today’s technology, even the smallest businesses can operate within the worldwide economy, but to compete, you must be ready to communicate with the world. Raland’s Language Services team stands ready to help your business communications succeed.

Our staff of professional translators and linguists are experienced in providing services in the medical, legal, financial, and other professional service industries. We can translate documents, presentations, e-learning, promotional material, software, voice-over, and more.

Quality Approach

From proposal to final delivery, our team of professionals maintain excellence in each step of the process. Translations are performed and verified with native speakers to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Once the translation is completed and verified, our graphic designers and desktop publishers get to work to provide a final product that is in the proper format and looks great. All through the process, our project managers focus efforts to maintain the quality and timeliness of the project.

Software Globalization/Localization

Understanding business practices in foreign cultures is critical to localization success. To capitalize on opportunities and stay ahead of the competition, you need to do more than just translate words — you may need to adapt your product or service to accommodate local markets.

At Raland Translation, we are experienced in developing and implementing solutions that provide localization support while ensuring product functionality is maintained. In addition, our team of experts will work with your organization to ensure your product is well received, usable, and effective in various cultural environments.